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Sony Unveils Live Production System with Features and Performance to Meet the Requirements of HD Video Production

Date: 10/09/2012

Sony Unveils Live Production System with Features and Performance to Meet the Requirements of HD Video Production

Sony has unveiled new HD live production products, including dual-format cameras, CCUs and switchers, with features and performance that fully satisfy the demanding requirements of HD video production. The new offerings make up a powerful live production system that is ideal for broadcasters, cable TV networks, production houses or OB service providers that are looking for a small-to-mid-sized system which incorporates future-proof, state-of-the-art technology.

 This new system expands Sonys lineup of live production systems, which are already in use by broadcast stations all over the world, affording users considerable choices in configuring systems to meet their needs. This new range of live production solutions offer a variety of key functionalities, while maintaining the concept and reliability of Sonys flagship models such as the HDC-2000 studio camera series and the MVS-8000 switcher series.

 The new live production products include the HDC-1700 dual-format HD camera series, HDCU-1700 camera control unit and the MVS-6530/6520 multi-format switchers. These new solutions feature compact form factors and deliver high productivity in supporting live high-definition or standard-definition signals. It is the perfect system for live events, multi-camera production and green screen compositing. Ease of installation and operation also enhance the quality of this system.

Live production has never been more fast-paced and dynamic than in recent times. Broadcast studios, newsrooms and OB platforms are demanding live production solutions that work reliably and efficiently while supporting a variety of production and format requirements, said Claus Pfeifer, Strategic Marketing Manager, Sony Europe. We have designed our new live production system to be a worthwhile investment for our customers one that they can trust and will address issues of operational ease, space and cost. We are confident that our solutions will help ensure the sustained success of our customers live production projects.

HDC-1700 Dual-Format HD Camera Series

 The HDC-1700 dual-format HD camera series offers a broader choice of interlaces and progressive formats, much greater picture quality and enhanced operational flexibility. The cameras are equipped with sophisticated three-chip 2/3-inch CCDs and the latest DSP with 16-bit A/D converters to provide superior picture quality required by broadcast stations. They are also incredibly sensitive and enable operators to produce high picture quality and details unlike any other system cameras in the market. The CCD used can accommodate the popular interlace and progressive scan formats for mainstream broadcast productions including 1080/50i/59.94i as well as 720/50P/59.94P images. Numerous accessories available to the HDC-2000/1000 series can also be utilised such as HD viewfinders and large lens adaptors.

 The HDC-1700 camera series provides digital transmission using SMPTE standard fibre optic cable to transmit high-quality digital data over long distances. The cameras also provide HD SDI outputs and digitally down-converted SDI or analogue composite output. In addition, viewfinder signals with characters can be output from the SDI output connector, granting camera operators additional convenience.

An included digital spirit level measures the tilt angle and displays it on the viewfinder and monitor, so operators can easily keep their cameras horizontal while shooting. In addition, the sturdy magnesium die-cast body of the HDC-1700 camera means it readily withstands intense movement, even under the toughest shooting conditions.

HDCU-1700 Camera Control Unit

The HDCU-1700 camera control unit is a compact 3U half-rack control unit designed for use with the HDC-1700 camera series. The HDCU-1700 is equipped with a range of built-in interfaces such as HD-SDI/SD-SDI outputs, HD/SD return inputs, and a down-converted analogue composite monitor output. The digital optical fibre transmission system used in the unit maintains the high picture quality of the camera across single cable runs of up to 2000 metres.

MVS-6530/6520 Multi-Format Switchers

The new MVS-6530/6520 switchers inherit an array of features and technologies from the renowned MVS switcher series, leveraging years of industry experience at the highest levels. The MVS-6530/6520 models are available in 3 and 2 M/E configurations and are ideal for live production at broadcasting studios and relay vehicles.

The new models offer the perfect balance between size and specification with chroma-key functionality, resizers and colour correction. They cater for production needs starting at 32 inputs / 16 outputs 2ME (MVS-6520) and up to 48 inputs / 32 outputs 3ME (MVS-6530). The MVS-6530 is equipped with 16 keyers, while the MVS-6520 is equipped with 8 keyers, allowing sophisticated layering from each M/E.

Separate from the main fader, each keyer has its own auto-transition controls, which allow users to insert or remove keys on an individual basis with independent wipes, DME wipes, and dissolves. For further flexibility, each keyer in every M/E also offers chroma-keying and colour vector keying, eliminating restrictions of selectable key types. These fully-featured M/Es allow total interoperability of effects on all M/Es.

The resizer function allows superb simple 2.5D DME effects to be supported through 8 out of 16 keyers of the MVS-6530, and 4 out of 8 keyers of the MVS-6520. A variety of effects such as Mosaic and Defocus can be applied to resized images. All these effects can be created without the use of an external DME, bringing great advantages for both simple operation and minimised system cost.

The MVS-6530/6520 switchers possess a rich feature set including a two-channel multiviewer output, with a choice of 10 or 4-way split display, saving space on additional monitoring plus offering an easier set-up and overall cost reduction. Other features include an AUX transition capability that allows users to mix transitions using AUX output, and newly designed ICP-6530/6520 control panels which include colour cross-point patterns ideal for grouping and high-visibility OLED source-name displays. These help the operator to stay informed at all times of cross-point, button assignments and source type group.

The new products will be available from September (HDC-1700) and October 2012 (MVS-6530/6520).

Sony will be exhibiting at IBC2012 in Hall 12, stand number 12.A10. For more information, please go to the Sony IBC2012 website

Tags: Sony | IBC | IBC2012 | Live Production | HD Live | HDC-2000 | MVS-8000 | HDC-1700 | MVS-6530 | MVS-6520 | Claus Pfeifer | HDC-1000 | IBC 2012 | IBC 2012
Submitted by Marlin PR (Marlin PR)
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Latest News
RTVE Spain Selects Marquis Medway for Network Access to Historical Archives

Posted: 22/04/2014
RTVE Spain Selects Marquis Medway for Network Access to Historical Archives

Marquis Broadcast, specialist in content workflows and media integration software, has announced Spanish public broadcaster, RTVE Spain, has purchased Marquis integration solution, Medway, through distributor Telefonica (TSA) to allow network access to its historical archives.  Medway which is currently being installed at RTVEs Prado, Torrespa±a and Barcelona facilities will allow content to be restored and transferred from particular archives and be imported directly into the Avid Interplay editing system.  The system will also enable content produced by the editing systems to be exported back to the local archive for later use by RTVEs other systems.

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Tags: Marquis | Medway | RTVE | Spain
Submitted by Grapevine PR Ltd (Grapevine PR)
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Painting With Light at the MIA Awards

Posted: 21/04/2014
Painting With Light at the MIA Awards

The glitz, glamour and red carpet action was out in style at the 2013 Music Industry (MIA) Awards show in Brussels, lit for the first time by Luc Peumans of leading Belgian creative practice, Painting With Light!

The show was produced by Flemish national TV channel VRT (Vlaamse Radio en Televisie) in Videohouse Studio 7 in Vilvoorde (Brussels) and broadcast live.

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Tags: Painting With Light | MIA | VRT | Kinesys | LED | video | Robe | ROBIN | Pointe | LEDWash | Vari*Lite | grandMA2 | Pandora\'s Box | Coolux
Submitted by Louise Stickland
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XL Video Introduces New US CEO at New York Event

Posted: 20/04/2014
XL Video Introduces New US CEO at New York Event
XL Video, global provider of innovative video solutions for the live events industry, has introduced the new CEO for their US operation, headquartered in Atlanta, GA.
Tags: XL Video | CEO | USA | Rene De Keyzer | Lucas Covers | MC-18 Hybrid LED
Submitted by Louise Stickland
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XL Video is The One for HTC Events

Posted: 18/04/2014
XL Video is The One for HTC Events

XL Video has recently supplied LED and plasma screens and control for two separate events for Taiwanese global technology brand HTC the first was for their exhibition stand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, followed shortly after by the high profile London launch of the One M8 flagship smartphone at Olympia.

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Tags: XL Video | HTC | SSG Create | LED.plasma | screen | Barco Encore | One M8
Submitted by Louise Stickland
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Robe Pointes Shine At MIA Awards

Posted: 17/04/2014
Robe Pointes Shine At MIA Awards

The 2013 Music Industry Awards (MIAs) show was staged in Brussels by Flemish national TV channel VRT (Vlaamse Radio en Televisieomroeporganisatie ) in February to honour the best of the lively Belgian music scene.

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Tags: Robe | MIAs | PWL | Controllux | L&L Stage Services | Pointe | LEDWash | VRT
Submitted by Louise Stickland
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Video Scene Continues to Use DVDs

Posted: 16/04/2014
Video Scene Continues to Use DVDs

Primera Technology Europe, EMEA headquarter of Primera Technology Inc., a leading manufacturer of disc publishing equipment, recently conducted a survey among visitors at the Broadcast Video Expo (BVE) asking who still uses optical media for which application. The results of the poll are now available and surprisingly and fortunate for Primera the prediction that data is mainly saved in data clouds didnt come true. 94% of all participants still use CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs.

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Tags: Primera | Disc Publisher | optical media | DP-4100 | BVE | Cloud
Submitted by Katrin Hoffmann (Primera)
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Volicon and Kaltura Introduce End-to-End Workflow for Rapid Publishing of Captioned Content to the Web

Posted: 16/04/2014
Volicon and Kaltura today announced a technology partnership that enables an end-to-end workflow for bringing live broadcast capture and captioning to the full range of digital and social media platforms quickly and cost-effectively. The companies' integrated solution unites the unique content capture, streaming, review, and clip-extraction capabilities of Volicon's Observer(R) Media Intelligence Platform(TM) with the highly automated video transcoding, publishing, and management tools of Kaltura's video platform to facilitate delivery of "rights approved" and captioned content to all digital platforms with unparalleled speed and efficiency. 
Tags: Volicon | Observer | Media Intelligence Platform | Kaltura
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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And the RTW Loudness Meter Goes To...

Posted: 16/04/2014
And the RTW Loudness Meter Goes To and brvbar;

With the inclusion of loudness in the DPP's delivery specifications that come into force in October, UK distributor Aspen Media found business to be brisk at its dedicated loudness management and metering stand at BVE recently. Junger Audio showed a range of loudness management tools for artefact free R128 compliant content, RTW its loudness audio meters and both companies demonstrated their respective loudness loggers.

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Tags: DPP | Aspen Media | Junger Audio | RTW | R128 | TM3 | Red Bee Media | loudness | Aspen Media
Submitted by Sue Hurd (Aspen Media Ltd)
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Grass Valley Joins with Marquis Broadcast to Enhance GV STRATUS Capabilities

Posted: 14/04/2014


As part of its ongoing commitment to open standards architecture, Grass Valley, A Belden Brand, today announced a partnership with UK-based Marquis Broadcast to expand the functionality and capability of its GV STRATUS Nonlinear Media Production toolset and the K2 Summit media server. Grass Valley will incorporate Marquis MEWS API services to enable the quick and easy exchange of files between GV STRATUS and Avid solutions, as well as other third-party products. Marquis technology will also be used to enable the interoperability with other products requiring OP Atom file creation and additional file transfer types.

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Tags: Grass Valley | Marquis | GV Stratus | NAB 2014 | NAB 2014
Submitted by Grapevine PR (Grapevine PR)
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Vitec Videocom announces intention to acquire Autocue

Posted: 11/04/2014

As part of an ongoing strategic programme to deliver improved service, support and experience to its customers worldwide, along with innovative products, Vitec Videocom, a division of theVitec Group plc, has reached a conditional agreement to acquire Autocue.


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Tags: Vitec | Videocom | Acquisition | Autocue | Teleprompter | Broadcast | Hardware | Software | Technology | Anton/Bauer | Autoscript | Camera | Corps | Litepanels | Oconnor | Petrol | Bags | Sachtler | Vinten | Radamec | Photographic | Production | Media
Submitted by Steven de Waal
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DAS Unveils Initial Lineup of Experts and Case Studies from Real World Digital Asset Projects

Posted: 11/04/2014
DAS Unveils Initial Lineup of Experts and Case Studies from Real World Digital Asset Projects

AMIA has announced the preliminary lineup for its popular Digital Asset Symposium (DAS). DAS will be held on May 15 & 16, 2014 at the Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood, CA.  

"Since the beginning, DAS has been the place where projects, problems, and solutions are discussed within a real world framework. This year's event continues that and will engage an even greater diversity of experts and industries. We want the entire community of technical and creative users to share what they are working on, the lessons learned, what challenges they're facing now and what might be around the corner," noted Tom Regal, the DAS program chair.
Tags: digital asset management | film industry | television industry | rights management | content preservation
Submitted by ignite strategic communications (ignite strategic communications)
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FORK v4.6 Debuts at NAB to Give Creatives More Choice and a More Efficient Workflow With Avid Media Composer

Posted: 10/04/2014
FORK v4.6 Debuts at NAB to Give Creatives More Choice and a More Efficient Workflow With Avid Media Composer
Primestream(R) unveils its advanced FORK(TM) integration for Avid's Media Composer(R) on the floor of the 2014 NAB Show today in booth SL10216. This is a key feature of the FORK v4.6 upgrade the industry has been anticipating, which will be available this summer. NAB Show attendees will be able to see an Avid(R) workflow demonstration on how FORK offers Avid professionals a significant increased ability for collaboration without sacrificing an efficient workflow. In addition to Avid, FORK v4.6 includes integrations with other non-linear editing (NLE) platforms, such as Adobe(R) Premiere(R) Pro (CS6 and Creative Cloud) and Apple(R) Final Cut(R) Pro X.
Tags: Primestream | Avid Media Composer | FORK | NAB | NAB 2014 | NAB 2014
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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Grass Valley Goes to the Cloud with Release of GV STRATUS Playout

Posted: 09/04/2014
Cloud-enabled operation uses revolutionary solid-state playout card to drive ultra-streamlined, scalable, reliable playout
Tags: Grass Valley | GV Stratus | Belden | Miranda | SaaS | playout | cloud | NAB | NAB 2014 | Marco Lopez | SSP-3801 | Densite | NAB 2014 | NAB 2014
Submitted by Manor Marketing (Manor Marketing)
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Pixel Power Builds a Platform for the Future of Broadcast Graphics, Playout and Master Control

Posted: 09/04/2014
Pixel Power Reveals New, High-Performance 64-Bit Architecture and Updated User Interface at NAB 2014
Tags: Pixel Power | NAB | NAB 2014 | playout | integrated graphics | graphics | 64-bit | architecture | James Gilbert | clarity | channelmaster | channel-in-a-box | logovision | nvidia | tesla | NAB 2014 | NAB 2014
Submitted by Manor Marketing (Manor Marketing)
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TSL Products Previews PAM PiCo Matrix Software at NAB 2014

Posted: 09/04/2014

TSL Products, manufacturer of audio monitoring solutions, surround sound microphones and processors, broadcast control systems and power management tools, is pleased to announce the unveiling of the new PAM PiCo PC Matrix Configuration software application at NAB 2014 (Booth N1123). In combination with the loudness logging, screen grab and system update software application, the matrix configuration program completes a suite of tools designed to make the PAM PiCo the most comprehensive compact, all-in-one loudness measurement and level metering solution on the market.

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Tags: TSL Products | audio monitoring solutions | sound microphones | broadcast | power management | PAM PiCo PC Matrix Configuration Software Application | NAB 2014 | loudness measurement | level metering solution | NAB 2014 | NAB 2014
Submitted by Mackenzie Gavel (D. Pagan Communications)
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